Ten best stretches to do with your horse

Ten best stretches to do with your horse

In stretching the aim is to create length in the muscles and tendons and prevent injuries.

Stretching before training helps to prevent injuries, and is a part of the warming-up. By stretching the muscles blood starts flowing through the dilatating arteries which make sure the muscles get plenty of oxygen and bloodflow. It’s not only effective before the work-out, but also after training (carrot stretches) to prevent muscle lactic acid and injuries.

Always be sure you don’t put yourself in a situation where you can get kicked by the horse. Know your horse and try to feel your horse’s limits. Never push your horse over those limits if you feel that some stretch is really hard. Sometimes horses can be stiff at the very beginning. In that case, they need to adapt to the movemements. . Try to make the movement a few times to improve the soupleness. Hold every stretch for 5 seconds, and repeat one or two times.

1. Neck: -carrot stretch with head between legs

              -carrot stretch sideways towards knee

              -carrot headlift up

              -carrot head down

5. Shoulder: -stretch leg forwards

                      -stretch leg backwards

7. Croupe and hind muscles: 2 fingers create pressure on both sides.  This isn’t just a good stretch but also helps developing the hindquarter muscles.

8. Backlegs: -stretch leg forward

                     -stretch leg backwards

10. Pelvis: -stretch leg underneath abdomen towards front leg other side 

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